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Doraemon is a robotic cat funny, rather quick-witted but in some cases doting. He struggles with obsessive fear of rats (musophobia), particularly mice. That's because when the XXII century, when asleep, uncle was shed a mouse to gnaw ears truncated. And whenever you have mice, uncle ran away with warp speed (129.3 km/ h), occasionally terrified and passed out. This function of Doraemon has actually created a great deal of problem for every person as well as Nobita additionally benefit from this to pay off the safety and security context of the magic bag. On a daily basis, all the time care Doraemon have all evening for Nobita, do not leave house whether a person invites you out, up until Nobita go someplace not in your home, the brand-new kid is complimentary, during that time, the Ú feline will take the time to go purchase donuts or go conversation with the next-door neighbors pet cat, as well as he likewise cared for you cat next-door neighbors, that do you invest the majority of Nobita.

Although the name of the covered comes from Doraemon not Dorayaki yet based upon guide series has the same pronunciation (dora-), this bread (the Vietnamese variation called Donut) has actually come to be one of the most preferred food that Doraemon. Doraemon likes donuts that because Noramyako his partner to allow you consume to comfort, encourage, dispels unhappiness factors behind the 22th century arrival Doraemon. This is the traditional bread of Japan. Doraemon has actually stated that if not to eat donuts compared to 3 days, the notes will not make it through, usually painting agitated anxiousness. Since like donuts need to pay is usually welcomed to speak him obtain food protection context is Nobita. In the comic Doraemon at first declines him often when he obtained safety and security context Nobita. Yet then you have compassion and also lend. The important things is the protection context is Nobita used for inappropriate purposes as well as usually have scenes like showing off or being Gōda Takeshi Shizuka, Suneo seized, after that cause the circumstance paradox makes the tale becomes appealing Doraemon dan.Trong journeys, Doraemon is always our hero you thanks magic bag having all the protection context of the century compared to it was 22, but he has a cozy heart, brave, constantly helping pals when hard. As a senior Robotic future, Doraemon has mosquito attacks, burns, colds, drowsiness, sweating like actual individuals to care and also cope with children, Doraemon dislikes chilly winter season fear as well as can not stand cold weather, or curled up by the heated table, fireplace and also snuggle blanket wrapped around him.

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